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Eco Laundry [$440] is an innovative water technology system which infuses water with Ozone – in exactly the same way hospitals have been washing and disinfecting laundry for decades. You simply attach the compact Eco Laundry unit to your washing machine, the cold water tap, and powerpoint. As the washing machine starts the water passes through the Eco Laundry creating activated oxygen called Ozone. The Ozone water then enters your washing machine to clean and disinfect your clothes without the use of detergent. Ozone laundry units have been around for decades, but were too large and expensive for household use. Just in the last few years, advances in this technology have brought them into residential applications.

The distributors of the Eco Laundry say it is offers relief for sufferers of psoriasis, eczema and other allergies which are aggravated by the chemicals in laundry detergents. Ozone technology has been available and widely used by hospitals throughout the world and Australia for 20 years – for both washing and disinfecting – but has only recently been adapted for domestic washing machines.

The distributors claim that the Eco Laundry also increases the life of septic tanks; and can be used with bore water plus tank water. Because the oxidized water cleans when it comes in contact with the clothes, both the wash cycle and the rinse cycle are also cleaning, which reduces the need for long wash cycles. The Eco Laundry eliminates detergents from the washing process and requires cold water only. Hot water is not required and will actually eliminate the effectiveness of the process if used. Eco Laundry clothes come out of the machine drier, thereby reducing drying time.

The Eco Laundry unit measures approximately 41cm x 20cm x 9cm deep. It can sit on the wall above the benchtop or inside the laundry cupboard; and does not require professional installation. You simply plug it into the powerpoint; clip it onto the cold water tap; and start washing. The Eco Laundry is suitable for both front-load and top-load washing machines; requires no maintenance, cleaning or additives; and has a life expectancy of about ten years. Available only on-line.


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