Categories: Flooring Substrate & Underlay.
Suppliers: CSR Hebel.

A versatile solid flooring system, CSR Hebel’s PowerFloor gives the feel of a concrete floor at a significantly lower cost. It is installed over conventional joists, with the system of thick panels fitting snugly together to form a strong, smooth floor. Home-renovators can enjoy a quieter home as PowerFloor eliminates the squeaking, bouncing and noise that sometimes accompanies other non-masonry flooring substrates. It provides an excellent solid base for ceramic tiles, carpet or polished timber boards.

The thermal efficiencies of PowerFloor also reduce the reliance on heating and cooling, and accordingly contribute to lower energy costs. The combination of strength, thermal and acoustic insulation properties make PowerFloor an ideal choice for first floor and suspended ground floors; as well as decks and balconies. It is simple and fast to install with less mess than concrete floors and often less wastage compared to particle and timber flooring. There are no delays to the building schedule and it is easily installed by on-site Tradies such as carpenters.

Hebel is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) manufactured from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and aerating agents. It is first wet-moulded to create the aerated structure; semi-cured so it can be handled and cut to shape in various lengths and profiles; then finally fully cured in a steam pressure autoclave to create the hard, finished AAC material. Australian made and designed Hebel products are 100% Australian manufactured by CSR Building Products Limited.

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