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Cannon’s Gas Log Heater collection and suite of optional accessories have been developed to deliver efficient and safe operation with easy installation options for most renovation situations. Cannon’s 5.5-star energy rated Gas Log Heaters are designed and made in Australia with a thorough knowledge of Australian building styles, construction needs, building regulations, local safety standards and climate conditions. Prices start from $3,199. The range of gas log heaters allows home-renovators to select a heater that coordinates with their desired aesthetic and location through a choice of models available in either LP or Natural Gas. The curvaceous Canterbury Classic is offered in a stylish black finish as an Inbuilt, Freestanding or Powerflue option; with the Fitzroy Profile offering a more streamlined form available in black or platinum finish as an Inbuilt or Powerflue model. Cannon’s Gas Log Heaters provide heating solutions for freestanding or built-in to a wall, including:

  • Situation: an existing fireplace or gas/oil space heater cavity that’s shallow. Solution: A Cannon Back Spacer Kit 50mm is an optional accessory that provides the minimum clearance needed at the rear by bringing the heater forward.
  • Situation: an existing fireplace with an opening that’s a little larger than the heater. Solution: Select a decorative Cannon 3 or 4-sided Surround Kit accessory in a choice of black, stainless steel or metallic platinum finish.
  • Situation: the walls are made from combustible timber or plasterboard. Solution: Choose a Cannon Mock Fireplace Kit or a decorative Console Kit that’s designed to fit around the heater for safe installation.
  • Situation: Newer apartments and newer homes with rooms sealed from draughts. Solution: Either the Fitzroy Profile Powerflue model or the Canterbury Classic Powerflue model is a safe choice for “sealed rooms” and offer 5.5-star efficiency. Newer apartments and newer homes need a Powerflue system because they are more airtight than older homes. A Powerflue is a cleaner and safer heating source because it draws air from outside for combustion and expels directly outside.
  • Situation: the renovation is in an elevated period or contemporary multistorey building. Solution: Cannon’s Powerflue models can flue up to 6m vertically, sideways or under floor or in chimneys. There’s also a weatherproof box accessory option designed to protect Powerflue heaters from the elements in situations where the unit has been installed on an external wall without a mock fireplace.
  • Situation: the space is large, lofty and difficult to warm. Solution: Cannon’s clever heat exchange technology and controlled heat and fan settings function more efficiently for difficult to warm larger areas up to 80m2average.


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