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The Glass and Aluminium Association of Queensland (GAAQ) advises that home renovators often put their safety at risk when choosing to DIY-install glass. The Association says that glass installation is not like cutting a piece of timber to size and nailing it; and too often has to do remedial-work after glass was installed incorrectly. Handling glass is not as simple as buying a pane to fit; taking it home in your car; and then installing it. There are recommended ways that glass needs to be handled and installed; particular stay-safe rules; as well as Australian standards to adhere to.

The Association believes that while pre-packaged, ready-to-install shower kits and cut-to-size glass for pool fences, balustrades and mirrors are attractive to the home-renovator, this ease of access sometimes exposes DIY-renovators to serious risk. As an alternative, accredited glaziers take the risk out of handling and installing glass; plus ensure it’s done safely and to Standards. Even safety-glass can shatter to cause injuries if handled incorrectly; while different types of glass are required in different parts of your house, and even at different heights.


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