Categories: Cabinetry and Hardware.
Suppliers: Memory Lane.

In days past kitchens were all cupboards and you were forever bending down, reaching into the back of them for that particular item. Today’s kitchens have large drawers with slide-runners that make opening them a breeze. It is so much simpler to look down into a drawer to find that missing item instead of pulling everything out of a cupboard. Of course if you have a newly renovated kitchen with lots of lovely drawers, you want a handle that will enhance the décor. The Saint Dennis range of handles comes in 3 sizes of pull handles [a 240mm wide; 210mm wide; and a 150mm wide] plus a 70mm “T Bar” handle. There are two finishes: a fashionable matte black; and an antique silver finish. With the ribs running along the length of the handle these quality cast handles have a lovely feel to them as well as a great look. These kitchen handles as well as many others are available from Memory Lane in Ascot Vale.

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