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Aided by Miele’s clever Smart Navigation System, the Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner maps out your home in order to chart the best cleaning course ensuring it never misses a spot. It then vacuums in parallel paths so that even the most difficult-to-access areas and edges are cleaned. This Smart Navigation System comprises a roof-mapping camera, gyro sensor, electronics and innovative software to effectively navigate its way around your house.

The Scout RX1 offers four cleaning modes. In Auto Mode, it accesses all the required areas and charges itself when necessary. Should there be only a minor spill it can quickly remove dirt in only that specified area in Spot Mode. Should your home require a more thorough clean, select the Corner Mode and the RX1 will clean in Auto Mode and return to thoroughly clean corners; while in Turbo Mode it removes dust, dirt and pet hair in half the time – ideal when only a quick clean-up is required. You can even set a timer for automatic cleaning at any time of day. The two-stage filters ensure room air is also clean after vacuuming; while the 0.6L dust-storage is easy to empty. Its rechargeable battery lasts for two hours to clean an area of 150m2.

Complete with charging station and accessories including a cleaning brush, 1m magnetic strip to establish borders, and spare filter, it’s available from the Miele Online Shop for $999.


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