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Jason Hodges, landscape expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, advises that there tends to be three key styles of garden architecture: a formal rural style; a revisited coastal theme; and the inner city chic aesthetic.

The rural style is a more regal, grand look, reminiscent of an estate in the French countryside that is ideal for large properties with keen gardeners:

  • Create the illusion of even more space by adding grass to the rural backyard. Define these zones using fencing, plants or materials such as pavers, grass or gravel to help each area stand on its own. A zoned garden will give each area its own purpose.
  • If you have a penchant for maintained formal garden styles, add some hedging. An evergreen hedge creates a year round structured look and adds a splash of much needed green in winter.
  • Adding split level or segmentation to a large country garden will help create movement and enhance the way the garden is perceived with terraced retaining walls adding to the grandeur and scale of your space.

With more than 80% of Australians living within 50km of the coast, it’s no surprise the coastal theme remains a favourite:

  • Choose light coloured pavers and pebbles to add texture and reflect light. Add accents of timber throughout and remember materials will deteriorate faster in the salt air so good quality is best.
  • Hardwearing, low-maintenance plants, grasses and palms are best. They will add a splash of green and help set the scene.
  • Add some seaside props to help create a relaxed, tropical feel. Think hammocks, deck chairs and wind chimes, whatever that key piece is that reflects fondly on beach memories.

While small in space, this is certainly not the defining characteristic of the inner city chic backyard. Think smart, multi-usage pieces and clever use of limited space. This style is modern and minimalist and perfect for the time poor and practical who love to entertain.

  • To maximise available space, add a functional vertical garden to an unused wall. Layering by colour and texture will add visual interest and make the space look even bigger.
  • Large format pavers work best in small spaces as they give the impression of space. Choose a dark colour for a modern and minimalist look and avoid intricate patterns.
  • Choose space-savvy furnishings and clever storage solutions to form a functional outdoor space.

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