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Suppliers: Greenwall Company.

There’s an alternative to keeping warm using traditional heaters. The Greenwall Company produce modular and custom-designed greenwalls and greenroofs in Australia. Greenwalls are soil-less vertical gardens grown on the surface of built structures; and can be used like cladding to produce instant “greenspaces” both indoors and outdoors. Greenwalls are a clean and safe option for insulating homes that can help reduce both heating and cooling bills. They also act as a natural air-filter, which helps metabolise toxins in the air; while at the same time releasing oxygen into the air at a far greater scale than the usual collection of potted plants. The Greenwall Company has developed a clever automated irrigation system that is built into each of their installations, meaning they require very little maintenance. The Greenwall can be left to grow-out and can be maintained only a few times a year depending on the look you are after. Over a 12-months period a standard panel would require only the equivalent of 4-5 showers worth of water to irrigate. Moreover, the company is developing plans to use “black-water” in the future. These Greenwalls are not only soil-less but are constructed from 94% recyclable materials that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill.

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