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Boral Roofing has refreshed its palette of concrete roof tiles. The addition of lighter greys and earthy tones adds depth to Boral’s current range of darker toned concrete roof tiles. As the largest single surface area of a home, the roof is an important architectural feature and choosing its colour and profile can help to shape the broader exterior design-impact. The refreshed range of Boral concrete roof tiles now includes a spectrum of colours and tones to simplify the roofing decision for home-renovators.

Five tips for choosing the right roof colour:

  • Research the architectural style and colour characteristics of the home’s design. For example, Federation homes draw on the traditional reds of terracotta roof tiles; contemporary home designs may use darker flat roof tiles to accentuate straight lines and sharp angles; and Cape Cod inspired homes typically feature grey or brown toned roof tiles.
  • Consider the surrounding natural environment. Lighter toned roof tiles may better suit coastal areas; while earthy tones complement the Australian bush.
  • Streamlining roof colour with neighbours’ homes can create a cohesive streetscape and enhance overall exterior appeal.
  • Consult the local council on roof colour and design guidelines, as this will ultimately influence the building approvals process.
  • When selecting roof colour and finish, consider the guttering and fascia colours. As a guide, look for colours that are in harmony or contrast. For example, complement white fascia and guttering with light grey roof tiles; or create a striking contrast with deep red or black roof tiles.

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