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Suppliers: Kohler Bathroom Products.

While the inspiration for this new modernist tapware collection was the original, freeform delivery of water – long before the advent of the tap – the final execution is unashamedly contemporary, refined and even pop art! The Toobi collection, from Kohler, is an elegant take on the archetypal plumbing form – the pipe – which is referenced in both the body of the tap and the spout. The result is a tumbling, free flow of water in all its natural beauty, but with a final, pop-art twist – a hit of colour as the water leaves the spout in the form of a small, interchangeable insert fitted inside the spout in a choice of spring green, phantom black or ice white. As white is the colour of most ceramic basins it is the natural coordinator; black offers a classic touch; and green is a “pop” highlight that is both natural and outstanding.

The Toobi collection comprises a range of 5-star WELS rated basin and tall basin mixers, bath and shower mixers with and without diverter – and accessories. Double robe hook, double and single towel bar, hotelier shelf and toilet tissue holder are all included in the accessories range with each piece featuring the same tubular styling as the tapware. Very smart! Prices are as follows: basin mixer, 5-star WELS 6-litres/minute, $300; tall basin mixer, 5-star WELS 6-litres/minute, $390; bath/shower mixer $340; bath/shower mixer with diverter $360; double robe hook $65; single towel bar [457mm] $100; single towel bar [610mm] $115; double towel bar [610mm] $235; towel ring $75; toilet tissue holder $80; toilet tissue holder (vertical) $90; and hotelier shelf $390.

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