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One of the most popular backyard-styles that is trending is inner-city chic; due in part to its stylish, contemporary nature; and that backyard-space is becoming limited. While small in space, this is certainly not the defining characteristic of the inner city chic backyard. This style is modern and minimalist and perfect for the time poor and those that love to entertain. Landscape expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, Jason Hodges, offers tips on creating the inner city chic style in any backyard:

  • Add a vertical garden. To maximise available space, add a functional vertical garden to an unused wall. Layering by colour and texture will add visual interest and make the space look even bigger. There are lots of ways to create a vertical garden; using individual aluminium pots will provide a chic finish.
  • Start from the ground up. Space is limited and every purchase-decision counts because it will be highly visible. It’s like a painting; you need to start with the right canvas; and for your city-chic space the foundation is your flooring. Large format pavers work best in small spaces as they give the impression of greater space. Choose a dark colour for a modern, minimalist look and avoid intricate patterns. Euro Stone in the linear 600x400mm perspective can be used to great effect and the natural grey Zurich colour is a popular choice for this style as it’s in vogue with city living.
  • Think multi-function. With space generally at a minimum, clever storage solutions are a must to create your functional outdoors space. A wall mounted bike rack will not only save space; they can look pretty stylish too.
  • Light it up. The right lighting will add another dimension to your outdoors space. Industrial style chrome or copper features will complement the space with a minimalist touch.
  • Choose furniture wisely. Choose space-savvy furnishings that double as extra storage to help get the most from your backyard. Select a dining set where the seats fit discreetly underneath and can be tucked away when not in use. We can often get caught up in buying large settings thinking about the rare occasions where we entertain large. Buy pieces that suit your most common use – which is generally hosting the family or a small group.

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