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A deck can transform an outdoors area into a versatile space; and you can DIY with Hebel PowerFloor. A highly versatile solid flooring system, PowerFloor provides the feel of a concrete floor but at a significantly lower cost and easy DIY installation. Simply installed over conventional floor framing such as decking joists, the system of panels snugly fit together to form a solid, strong, smooth floor. Easy to build with, PowerFloor has superior termite-resistance, low noise transmission, thermal insulation and fire resistant properties making it an ideal choice for decking. Once it has been waterproofed it can be tiled over.

The material you build your deck with is just as important as planning the location and the orientation of your deck. The ideal location of a deck is on the north/east side of a house as it will be in prime sun from the morning to the afternoon. Whereas a deck located on the south and west side will transfer reflected heat into the home.

CSR Hebel have developed an instructional-video; a shopping list of building materials and tools; and step-by-step instructions and photos which guide you through the process. Hebel is an environment-sound material that is easy to work with and lends itself to a wide range of DIY applications both inside and outside the home. Hebel PowerFloor is available through hardware stores such as Bunnings.

In addition to the established uses of Hebel masonry blocks and panels to build homes and internal walls, Hebel is increasingly being used in outdoors areas such as for boundary fencing and front walls, BBQ benches, outdoors seating and letterboxes; and blends easily with a rendered or bagged masonry home.

Hebel is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete [AAC] manufactured from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and aerating agents. It is first wet-moulded to create the aerated structure; semi-cured so it can be handled and cut to shape in various lengths and profiles; then finally fully cured in a steam pressure autoclave to create the hard, finished AAC material. Australian made and designed Hebel products are 100% Australian manufactured by CSR Building Products Limited.

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