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Miele Australia’s DA 2906 rangehood [$5,799] is a fully integrated ceiling extractor that gives unimpaired vision across open plan cooking areas while creating a sleek and harmonious elegance in the kitchen environment. Available in a choice of glass or stainless steel panels, this new model is ideal over island benchtops in open-plan kitchens.  This integrated rangehood features effective multi-zone edge extraction to optimise its performance above induction cooktops in particular.

Miele Con@ctivity 2.0 allows the DA 2906 to communication with select Con@ctivity-enabled induction cooktops whereby the rangehood pre-emptively adapts to cooking situations on the cooktop below. Installation is as simple as attaching a wireless dongle in a specific spot on the cooktop. For increased convenience it can be operated remotely using a handset which controls both lighting and power settings. The DA 2906 features high-powered LEDs that exude a warm and natural light tone with uniform down-lighting. These LEDs are virtually maintenance-free over the life of the rangehood.

The edge extraction panels and grease filters can easily be removed for washing in a dishwasher.  The panels are simply unhooked and removed without risk of them dropping onto the cooktop below. Grease filters, too, are secured during removal thanks to its clever construction. Flexible installation options are available through the use of a rotatable and relocatable motor block. For example, to reduce the installation depth, the motor block can be removed from the extractor unit and installed in an alternative location up to 2m away from the unit. This reduces the space required above the suspended ceiling to 117mm.

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