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One of the most challenging aspects of bathroom renovations can be getting access to sewer pipes for drainage. Whether there is a concrete floor which needs to be dug up or the pipes are simply too far away, access to drainage can add major expense during bathroom-renovations. For many years Saniflo has offered a solution to this problem in the form of macerator and grey water pumps. Using a simple principle, wet areas could be located anywhere in the home by pumping waste back to an existing sewer-point through small pipework.

Saniflo’s new innovation, Sanicompact, provides all the benefits of macerating technology within a single product. With in-built macerating blades and a powerful motor, the Sanicompact allows a toilet and basin to be installed anywhere in your home. You simply fix the product to the floor and connect the discharge pipework to the nearest sewer-point. Waste-water is chopped into fine slurry so it can be pumped through 20mm pipework that is easily concealed behind walls and in ceiling spaces. In this way Sanicompact avoids the expense of gaining access to drainage pipes.

Another key benefit of the product is its compact design. True to its name, Sanicompact is ideal for small spaces. The entire unit protrudes only 430mm from the wall and has a width of just 390mm. Its compact design is achieved by the use of a cistern-less flush. This works by connecting directly to the water supply and using an in-built electronically-activated solenoid valve that brings in extra water whenever the toilet is flushed. The incoming water is enough to macerate and discharge the waste; and significantly reduces overall water usage. Sanicompact is awaiting a 6-star WELS rating while offering a very economical 1.8/3-litre dual flush.

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