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Australian Pump has introduced a new cost-effective single-phase submersible pump designed for septic tank applications.  Called the UT series, the pump is manufactured by Tsurumi Pump [Japan]. Designed specifically for effluent and sewage applications, the pump is fitted with a clever vortex-style impeller that passes compressible solids up to 35mm in diameter. Maximum flow available is 440 lpm; while maximum lift or vertical head is 12.5 metres. The pumps are powered by single phase, capacitor start, electric motors in the range of 0.4kW to 0.75kW. All pumps are supplied with a heavy duty 10m submersible cable.

The pump’s motor is a dry type squirrel cage induction-style housed in a watertight casing.  It conforms to class E insulation; and the UT pumps can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 40 degrees C. The motor features an inbuilt thermal motor protection device that reacts to the heat generated by an over current or dry run conditions.  This not only cuts off the motor automatically, but also resets by itself.

Tsurumi Pump developed the product range in response to requirements in the Japanese market for super-tough pumps for sewage applications. The Tsurumi UT series are available as standard effluent pumps; and also come as automatic stop/start versions that feature a simple float control system that prevents dry running, reduces power consumption and extends operating life.

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