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Paying for energy is one of the largest running cost that most home-owners have. The average Australian household spends over $2,000 a year on gas and electricity bills. Yet not only can you reduce those bills, you can even wipe them out; while making your home more comfortable.

There are simple, practical ways to reduce demand for energy and cut-down energy-bills. There is already a quiet revolution underway as renewable-energy and energy-efficiency transform the way we generate and use electricity and gas. Over 1.4 million households in Australia now have rooftop solar — and, as a result, the costs of solar energy have plummeted, making it more accessible for the average homeowner. Yet there is much more that can be done to reduce reliance on the electricity grid; and some significant improvements that can be made with relatively little effort.

The Energy-Freedom Home 128-page book [ISBN: 9781925106718] from Scribe Publications [$39.99] describes nine steps that can be taken to become more energy efficient:

• replace old lights with LEDs

• stop draughts

• improve insulation

• upgrade windows

• use energy-efficient appliances

• install reverse-cycle systems

• use solar or heat-pump systems to heat your water

• monitor and control your energy use

• switch to solar

Containing detailed, easy-to-follow descriptions of practical problems and solutions, plus over 80 colour photographs and diagrams, The Energy-Freedom Home can help you reduce costly and non-renewable sources of energy. Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is a not-for-profit research and education organisation known for its work designing and advocating a zero-emission economy for Australia. BZE’s goal is to promote real solutions to climate change. CEO, Dr Stephen Bygrave has worked on climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency for over 20 years.

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