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Miele have positioned their Discovery G 4000 dishwasher range at competitive price points. Each model has a 3.5 star energy efficiency rating complemented by a 5 star WELs water efficiency rating, using 11.3-litres per cycle. Furthermore, the sculptured stainless steel facia design and user interface take on the look and feel of the Miele G 6000 dishwasher series with centred displays and key banks. The fascia on G 4000 models also includes direct-printed graphics which conveniently indicate the temperatures for all wash programs. The high-end appearance of the G 4000 Discovery models continues inside. Here, the innovative lower basket with its hinged sections offers a wide range of functions when stacking crockery; the upper basket demonstrates flexibility; while grip areas make it easier to operate the upper and lower dishwasher baskets. All models have five wash programmes; while some accommodate a cutlery basket and others have a cutlery tray. There are 3 freestanding models priced at $1199, $1399 and $1499; 2 built-under models priced at $1399 and $1599; 2 integrated models priced at $1399 and $1599; and 2 full-integrated models priced at $1599 and $1799.

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