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The simple timeless chevron shape first made a modern-day appearance in the 1920s and 30s with the birth of the Art Deco movement; but it really came-of-age in the swinging 1960s in women’s fashion; before being translated to interior design. In recent years renewal was promoted, again, in women’s fashion; and then the chevron slowly made its way back into home-décor. This bold design, if not treated with respect, can be too much for some peoples’ liking; but when used in the right way it can become a beautiful feature of any home-renovation.

A beautiful chevron designed rug can be an attractive addition to any room and there are lots of options in sizes and colours: a complementary colour for your curtains and walls; or a completely contrasting colour to make a statement.

But if you want a look that’s traditional, yet modern at the same time, consider chevron encaustic tiles. Encaustic tiles are famously colourful and rich with design so it makes sense that they also get the chevron treatment. They look equally great on floors as they do walls and years down the line they’ll still look as great as the day you laid them.

Chevron-themed products can be found at Schots Home Emporium, Melbourne.

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