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Staub, the French company noted for its traditional cocottes [the hand- finished cast iron and enamel cooking vessels], recently released a collection in Marin Blue. Comprising round and oval cocottes in five sizes and a teapot/kettle with tea infuser, the range features an ultramarine blue enamel exterior and matte black interior. Designed to be a lifetime utensil the cocotte’s deep blue glazed enamel won’t chip, scratch, rust or stain.  The matte black enamel on the inside becomes a natural non- stick surface that improves with use.

The stand-out advantage of the Staub cocottes is their cooking ability. The cast iron retains and distributes heat evenly and effectively; while the well-fitting lids feature basting-spikes on their interior that funnel the evaporated liquid back into the food.  The results are perfectly cooked dishes that have retained their natural juices and moisture – and are full of flavour. Their overall good looks means they should be used from oven or cooktop direct to the table, as their heat retention properties keeps food warmer for longer.  The smooth flat under-surface of each piece means it can be used on all types of cooktops including induction.

The Marin Blue collection comprises round cocottes in 10cm [ideal for shared dishes], 24cm, 26cm, 28cm and 31cm diameters.  There is also a 26cm cocotte with steamer that features a thick silicone seal to ensure fast and efficient steaming; and a teapot with infuser that can also be used as a kettle.  The latter features stainless steel handles that fold down for easy access to the lid.  Again, these can be used on all types of cooktops including induction.

Distributed by DKSH Australia. Prices:

  • Round Mini Cocotte, 10cm $144.95.
  • Round Cocotte, 24cm $459.95.
  • Round Cocotte, 26cm $524.95.
  • Round Cocotte, 28cm $559.95.
  • Oval Cocotte, 31cm $609.95.
  • Round Cocotte with Steamer, 26cm $629.95.
  • Round Teapot with Tea Infuser, 1.15L $364.95.

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