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Howards Storage World has developed some time-saving solutions for the kitchen. You can win back your prep-zone by clearing your benchtop and utilising your wall-space. With a visible, accessible home for your daily essentials you’ll save time, reduce waste and regain space. With the help of Howards Easy-Build, you can create a simple grab-and-go zone filled with breakfast and lunch items. This is a simple system that the whole family can use t0 save you time during the morning rush.

People who work with a disorganised or cluttered desk waste time each day looking for essentials. To save time throughout the year you can organise your office with Howards Neata Shelving System. Made from epoxy-bonded steel, Neata pegboards can becomes a magnetic zone for storing high-use items. This solution makes use of your wall-space and, coupled with a handful of small organisers, can have a big impact.

If you have ever spent time searching for your car keys, sunglasses or your child’s library books on any given morning, an entryway catch-all system is for you. With a place for everything and everything in its place you alleviate the need to rummage. The trick here is to ensure the clutter catcher doesn’t become a dumping ground. Be discerning about what you keep here.

Pre-sorting as you go is a resolute way to reclaim time in the laundry. Use a divided hamper for maximum efficiency: one side for light clothing; the other for darks. Encourage family members to sort-as-they-go too. But when it comes to ironing, it’s all in the board. Thanks to Leifheit’s SuperGlide ironing surface steam and heat reflection, in combination with Thermo-Reflect Technology, enables 33% faster ironing.  Howards stocks a number of Leifheit boards.

An airer will save you more than just time. You’ll save money, reduce your carbon footprint and protect your clothing from the wear and tear of a dryer. In order to shorten your drying time, it’s best to set the drying rack in the warmest room of the house. A room with plenty of light, and in warmer climates an open window, will speed up your drying time.

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