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Suppliers: Zip Water.

Zip Water has developed a new generation of its advanced drinking water appliance – the Zip HydroTap – in new design styles and colours that suit any kitchen. Combining great looks and functionality, they put crystal clear, boiling, chilled or sparkling filtered water at your fingertips in an instant. There are three options to choose from in a range of finishes including bright chrome, brushed chrome, matte black and gloss black: Zip HydroTap Arc; Zip HydroTap!Cube; and Zip HydroTap Elite. User-friendly operation is achieved via a single lever – use it to select the type of water you want [filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water] and the button changes colour to match – red for boiling, blue for chilled still and white for chilled sparkling. Then simply pull the lever forward for hands-free continuous filling or push it away for momentary dispensing.

Every tap in the Zip HydroTap Design and Celsius ranges comes with the Zip 0.2 micron filtration system – which instantly delivers the pure water free from contaminants as small as 1/5000th of a mm. Chlorine taste and odour are completely removed; while fluoride is retained. Its air-cooled ventilation system doesn’t waste water; and the new G4 models use up to 53% less energy than superseded models.

Zip Industries has also unveiled its Zip Celsius range, which delivers both hot and cold functionality from a single tap. Available in Arc and Cube designs with a choice of four stylish finishes, filtered, boiling chilled or chilled sparkling water can be selected at the touch of a button – no more waiting for the kettle to boil or buying bottled water.

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