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1. Stubby Ratchet Driver: A ratchet screwdriver is a DIY must-have. The screwdriver bits remain locked in, while the ratchet locks onto the bit, allowing the screwdriver handle to turn freely. No more re-adjusting your hand position after each turn; with extra power supplied by the ratchet instead of your wrist. The Trojan 6-in-1 Ratchet Driver [$9.98] has three position switches: forward, reverse and lock.

2. Wallboard Saw: If you need to cut small holes in plasterboard use a wallboard saw. A wallboard saw has serrated edges and a sharp tip that pierces the wall, allowing you to carve through it with ease. The Trojan Folding Wallboard Saw [$17.98] offers a strong alloy blade that cuts on both push and pull strokes.

3. Spring Clamp: You can never have enough spring clamps in your toolbox. They are ideal for acting as a third hand to hold items for painting; gluing; or securing moulding as it’s being nailed into place. Trojan’s 140mm Spring Clamp [$5.98] has a maximum opening of 50mm and maximum depth of 56mm, perfect for small jobs.

4. Magnetic Stubby Level: Spirit levels are important for determining true horizontal or vertical direction; with smaller models fitting into spaces that are too cramped for long levels; and magnetic models adhering to metal fixtures. The Trojan 240mm Magnetic Stubby Level [$22.00] has three easy-to-read vials (horizontal, vertical and 45°).

5. Utility Knife: Every toolbox needs a versatile utility knife for precision cutting around the home or garage; from the most flexible to resistant materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic and leather. The best knives offer single hand operation with a fast slide open and close. Trojan’s Turbo Knife [$13.98] includes five replacement blades that can be easily replaced with the quick dial blade release.

6. Rubber Mallet: Rubber mallets are ideal for use when softer blows than those delivered by a metal hammer are required: with sheet metal work; when shifting plasterboard into place; forcing tightfitting wooden parts together; and hammering down metal tacks while upholstering. The Trojan Rubber Mallet [$15.60] offers greater control and comfort thanks to its ergonomic soft grip.

7. Multifunction Tool: Multi-function tools are another tool box must-have, and are essentially pliers that you use for gripping, bending and cutting. Trojan’s Multifunction Tool [$21.98] is stainless steel; and features an LED light, bottle opener, mini saw, and scissors. It folds to 100mm and comes with a nylon belt pouch and a lifetime guarantee.

8. Staple Gun: Staple guns are perfect for stapling upholstery; while woodworking; creating craft projects or picture frames; and hanging low-voltage Christmas decorations. The Trojan Staple Gun 3-in-1 Medium Duty [$22.50] is suitable for soft or medium timbers, including pine, oregon, MDF and particle board.

9. Hand Riveter: Riveters are designed to join two pieces of metal together through a pre-drilled hole, and are great for repairs around the house like re-attaching a loose piece of guttering. Rivets come in various thicknesses and lengths to suit a variety of household and workshop project. Trojan’s Hand Riveter [$26.90] comes with a multi-size head, so there’s no need to change the nozzle; plus 100 rivets.

10. Precision Screwdriver: Most DIYers own a basic screwdriver set, but a single screwdriver that allows you to access a number of interchangeable bits, which can be switched depending on the project at hand, is a great tool to have. The Trojan 26-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set [$9.98] includes 24 nickel plated Chrome Vanadium bits.

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