Categories: Bathroom and Shower Areas.
Suppliers: Candana Designs.
Closer is one of Italian manufacturer Zucchetti’s recent creations, now available from Candana Designs. This showerhead reinvents the movements we associate with showering. Designer Diego Grandi’s starting point was to bring the normally static bathroom space to life, via an object with strong expressive potential and plenty of scope for dynamism. In terms of form, Closer resembles a lamp with three moveable joints; in terms of function it is a showerhead designed to be adjusted and extended, simply and intuitively. The adjustable arm allows for many different spatial configurations, which in turn translates into an equally wide range of methods for you to control and direct the jet of water. A cylindrical counterweight ensures the showerhead is stable in any position or height. Incorporating multiple design features within its sleek aluminium shell, Closer has a total length of 805mm [including arms]; while the showerhead has a diameter of 95mm.  It is priced at $2,502 in chrome; and $2,695 in black. Closer has a 3 star WELS rating; and consumption is 9L a minute.

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