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Gaggenau recently launched its 400-series dishwasher with the fully integrated model DF 481-160 [$4,199]. A new basket system with smooth running rails and cushioned closing system, as well as a selection of programs and options, ensures top cleaning and drying results. Equipped with innovative zeolite technology the appliances are efficient, quiet and energy-saving. Designed for handle-less furniture fronts, the doors open when slight pressure is applied. The DF 481-160 dishwasher carries a WELS 5-star water rating, using 9.7-litres per wash.
Inside folding spines, foldable racks, glass supports and cutlery basket afford maximum loading flexibility. A new item is the holder for long-stemmed glasses. A highlight of the 400 series dishwasher is zeolite technology. Along with the zeolite drying system it produces top cleaning and drying results. This eco-friendly mineral can store moisture and heat and release both as required, thus reducing both water and electricity consumption. The zeolite regenerates fully during the next rinse cycle and lasts a full appliance-lifespan.

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