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Suppliers: Briggs & Stratton.

Briggs & Strattonrecently introduced new technologies into their range of lawn mowers.
• InStart™. Briggs & Stratton’s InStart engines combine the power of petrol with the instant starting reliability of lithium-ion battery technology, which delivers up to 10 starts with just a 10-minute rapid recharge. With a full one hour charge, InStart can provide up to 75 starts, enough to meet the needs of most homeowners for an entire mowing season.
• QPT™. 40% quieter than a traditional lawn mower, according to the manufacturer’s tests, QPT [Quieter Power Technology] enables you to mow the lawn without disturbing the neighbours. The QPT innovation has been designed to reduce sound and vibration, resulting in significantly quieter, yet still powerful lawn mowers.The lower levels of sound emission are made possible by key fuel system changes that allow for stronger and steadier fuel delivery. It also includes ReadyStart®, Briggs & Stratton’s no prime/no choke starting system for worry-free starts.
• EXi Series™.Briggs & Stratton’s durable EXi power plant never requires an oil change. Also featuring the convenience of QPT™ technology, EXi engines eliminate the need for oil changes through a series of design features, including: a radial seal paper air cleaner that keeps dirt out of the engine; an improved oil fill tube with extended flange that protects the tube from debris during routine oil checks; and a new Overhead Valve Design and cooling package that enables it to run cooler with less oil consumption.

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