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Suppliers: Cabot’s Woodcare.

Cabot’s recently released an innovative timber maintenance wash designed to refresh exterior timber decking in between coating applications. Suitable for use on previously stained or oiled timber, Cabot’s Deck Wash works by removing the build-up of dirt, dust, bird droppings and other hard-to-remove debris to maintain that “as-new” appearance. Don’t make the mistake of using every day household detergents on timber surfaces, which can erode the timber coating, causing irreversible damage to the finish.
Retailing for $9.90 and available from hardware stores, Deck Wash has been specifically designed and tested to be compatible with coated timber. After diluting with ten parts water you simply apply the solution to timber with a broom; scrub vigorously; and rinse off with water. [Cabot’s Deck Wash is not recommended to be used within two weeks of coating a deck.] Sold in a 1-litre bottle, with a pleasant citrus fragrance, it will deliver up to six washes for an average deck when diluted.

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