Categories: Bathroom Tapware and Shower Areas/Screens.
Suppliers: Ionic Shower.

Ionic ShowerThe Ionic Pure Rain shower head removes rust, limescale, mould and other contaminants from the shower water. Its three-way filtration-system is easy to install and is economical:

  • Its anti-bacteria ceramic ball prevents bacteria from breeding inside the shower head.
  • Its micro fabric first and second filters then remove rust, limescale and pollutants.
  • Brings you clean and refreshing water.
  • Water savings of 30%; 9-litres per minute.
  • Negative ions of 421,000 pcs/cc.
  • Increased pressure from 200 to 600%.
  • It has a patented triangular spray-plate that saves on water and generates a silky spray with a super-jet shower stream.
  • Made in Korea by KNTEC Corp; distributed in Australia by Avere One Pty Ltd.

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