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Suppliers: Panasonic Power Tools.

Panasonic has developed three new cordless drils using their brushless motor: the EY74A2 13mm drill and driver [$309 tool only]; the EY79A2 hammer drill and driver [$329 tool only]; and the EY75A7 impact driver [$309 tool only]. They have a “carbon fibre look” textured finish; a comfort-grip for improved ergonomics; are IP56-rated for dust- and water-resistance; and are suitable for Tradies as well as DIYers.
For all new models Panasonic has both 3.0 Ah and 5.0 Ah Li-ion batteries available to suit the job at hand, offering a long lifespan under high workload conditions. The P-type 3.0 Ah battery is ultra-slim and lightweight with a newly-developed ? 20mm battery cell and a new design for easier work in cramped spaces without compromising performance. The J-type 5.0Ah Li-ion battery has “dynamic capacity” for long-time usage.
The new shorter brushless motor included in the EY75A7 cordless impact driver helps to achieve a compact body with optimum centre-balanced ergonomics that makes for comfortable handling and heavy-duty use, even in restricted spaces such as ceiling voids, lofts, or under floorboards. A new “self-drilling screw mode” limits the risk of stripping the thread on fasteners or materials during screwing-in [less than ? 4 x 15mm] by automatically switching from high speed to low speed.

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