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Marmox Shower Underlay and Underfloor Heating

Marmox Boards are an ideal complement to any floor-heating system. When Marmox Boards are installed on top of concrete or timber flooring it will act as high quality tile-backer boards minimising heat-loss into any concrete slab. This will lead to 50% reduction in heat-up time; cutting running-costs; and achieving higher temperatures. Marmox will act as high quality noise-insulation and a waterproof membrane with proper joint treatment. Marmox Boards are lightweight, easy to cut with a utility knife; and fix to the floor with normal cement-based tile adhesive.

A large proportion of heat created by underfloor heaters can be absorbed by the concrete slab. When Marmox boards are used, most of the heat created by the heating element is reflected upwards into the tiles, which will lead to:

  • 50% reduction in heat-up time
  • Reducing energy-consumption; and therefore saving on running-costs
  • Achieving higher temperatures as no energy is absorbed by any concrete slab

Marmox will also act as:

  • A good impact-noise insulation material; and
  • A waterproof membrane [provided proper joint-treatment]



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