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The traditional quarter acre block is rare in 2016, with the median house size shrinking both in high density areas and newly established suburbs. The average Aussie block of land is now one tenth of an acre (423m²), falling 29% in size over the last decade. When thoughts turn to home-renovating, maximising outdoors space and privacy, while also minimising noise, are becoming increasingly important as neighbours come ever closer.

New developments in materials, clever innovations and design possibilities mean that home-renovators can address these growing residential concerns with practical, stylish and cost-effective fencing solutions. For refreshing or replacing your fence SlimWall™ by Modular Wall Systems™ offers several advantages.

Acoustic Fencing. While it’s impossible to block external noise from a backyard completely, SlimWall™ provides a significant reduction in noise, blocking out the sound of traffic from busy roads, loud lawnmowers or barking dogs.

Architectural Fencing. Previously the fence was considered an afterthought to any home-renovation or new house build. Home-renovators now want to match the architectural integrity of their home with their boundary wall or fence to provide a consistent look and provide a cohesive flow from the indoors to the outdoors.

When it comes to choosing a colour to paint the fence, consider these tips:

  • A timeless fencing shade in neutral colours such as bone or beige will maintain a classic, earthy look while also providing an effective way to create a spacious open feel.
  • Painting the fence in a single colour palette can create the illusion that the outdoors area appears bigger than it really is.
  • While painting the surrounding fence in darker hues – such as black, charcoal or navy blue – draws the walls in more closely to help create a more intimate space.

For a modern look, incorporate a subtle design feature that follows the line of the fence. SlimWall™ has introduced an expressed joint panel that is integrated into the panel. Its horizontal 10mm channel is designed to help achieve a striking architectural look.

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