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The innovative shape and design of GE’s new LED Bright Stik globe [$9.95] makes it easier for home-renovators to embrace LED lighting technology. Its affordability and slender/sleek design fits a range of sockets and fixtures. The Bright Stik utilizes the latest in LED technology and is an ideal low-energy, long-lasting, cost-effective replacement for CFL globes, incandescent and halogen globes. Its smaller size doesn’t adversely affect the light-output; and GE claims that it will last 50% longer than CFL globes; 7-times longer than halogen globes; and provides a stronger light output while using less energy. Available in cool-white or warm-white, the 10W Bright Stik globe lasts around 15,000 hours; and has a 3-years warranty. It is suitable for residential, hospitality and commercial use. Available from Beacon Lighting in-store and on-line.

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