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The front wall is often one of the first features of a home to be noticed. Not only does it provide a feature boundary wall, but it distinguishes the home from others, accentuating the property’s character. While a rendered masonry wall can add instant value to a home it’s sometimes a messy process; and render can be prone to cracking.

With the surge in demand for bricks and the increasing cost of bricklayers, Modular Wall Systems™developed an alternative fencing solutions that emulates the look of masonry rendered walls; and can eliminate the need to apply for council approval.

Modular Wall Systems™ is not only faster, easier and less expensive to install, but visually provides the same high-end appearance when compared to a traditional masonry wall. Furthermore it also comes with the added acoustic benefit of a 20+dB noise-reduction. This modern modular post-and-panel system can be installed in a matter of days; and requires no strip-footings, specialised skills or heavy machinery. The rock-solid panel-structure will not rot, dent, warp or corrode; and is so deceptively strong that no one would ever guess the fence was engineered from lightweight composite fibre cement panels.

The grand visual appeal associated with brick rendered walls can be recreated with Modular Wall Systems™ using a range of stylish designs including grand EstateWall™; the most cost effective TrendWall™; or the popular VogueWall™. Each can integrate with the architectural integrity of any home; and optional designer-touches such as slats, infills, gates and letterboxes; or wiring for lighting, sound and security systems can be incorporated. Various finishing treatments or paint is then applied. The brick-masonry-look is created by using textured paint for a fraction of the cost of traditional cement render.

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