Categories: Gardening / Landscaping.
Suppliers: Hoselink.
  • Stainless Steel Hose Hanger $24.90. Holds up to 30m of hose; strong and durable; mounts onto brick/masonry walls with just two screw-holes [includes the necessary screws].
  • Flat Soaker Hosefrom $21.80. Connects to a Hoselink-fitted hose. The internal hose fills to let water seep through the outer nylon evenly along the length of the hose. Can be used above or below mulch and is ideally paired with a timer; available in 7.5m and 15m lengths.
  • Root Waterer & Soil Breaker $40.80. An environment-friendly way to water large trees and shrubs by delivering water directly to their roots underground, ensuring no water is lost via evaporation. It can also be used to break up hard soil before weeding or planting. Comes with a Hoselink no-burst connector.
  • Extension Jet Blaster $45.80. Flushes water at a high pressure to reach places such as guttering and roofing. Starting at 106cm the strong lightweight aluminium rods extend to 183cm at full length. The head is adjustable in a 270-degree radius to suit any task. Water flow can be controlled via the lever at the base; and there are three non-slip rubber grip handles.
  • Quick-grip Tool Organiser $19.90.Keep long-handed tools organised with this wall bracket, which includes five quick grip tool holders. Push the tool handle in and up to engage the holder and simply pull towards you to release.

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