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Suppliers: Pittella.

As metallic finishes begin to make a splash in bathroom designs, Pittella’s stunning range of vanity basins provides the subtle yet luxurious accents that many bathroom-renovators are demanding. The trend toward minimalist neutral surfaces is making way for feature finishes in key bathroom fittings. Contemporary accents such as metallics are providing an understated opulence. Pittella’s vanity basins are crafted from innovative, high-quality materials and bring a classic elegance to bathroom designs including:

  • MOSAIC COUNTERTOP WASHBASIN. This beautiful washbasin is produced in TeknoForm®, a polymer-based material that mimics a variety of textures. In this case, it represents the ancient art of mosaics. Available in a range of colours, from basic black and white to exclusive platinum or gold leaf finish, the Mosaic washbasin features transparent protection and brings an elegant richness to the bathroom environment.Priced from $899.
  • VENICE COUNTERTOP WASHBASIN. Crafted in artistic crystal glass and with a stunning handmade textural finish, the Venice washbasin is inspired by the luxurious world of fashion. Its texture is created from a weave of colours, including precious gold and silver, elegant brown and ivory and minimal black and silver.Priced from $1062.
  • LUNA ROUND COUNTERTOP WASHBASIN. Inspired by natural stone, the Luna countertop washbasin combines artistic crystal glass and concrete. Its elegant round shape is defined by a glass interior structure and its bas-relief exterior finish is created from an application of real concrete in various colours, such as stylish silver-grey, sand and white.Priced from $2044.

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