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When the Australian Government banned incandescent globes it was to reduce the amount of energy used to light our homes, but unfortunately at the time there was no natural replacement for the incandescent globe. Initially there were Halogen globes which were 30% more efficient; followed by the compact Fluro globes which were 70% more efficient. Next came the LEDwhich was 90% more efficient. The first generation of LED globes were based on a 12-Volt LED chip; but the latest LED globes have strips similar to an old Edison globe and produce an impressive amount of yellow light from a 4-Watt globe. They fit all types of sockets [bayonet andEdison screw] and come in a candle, fancy round or larger globe. The 4-wattglobeisso bright that now there are 2-Watt versions which are still quite bright. It was then discovered that the universal dimmer that had worked with all type of globes would dim the new globes to only 40% – not quiet enough. Clipsal Australia has accordingly developed a new dimmer to go with the latest LED globes, which can be fitted to all Classic Electric branded traditional switches; all available fromMemory Lane of Ascot Vale [Melbourne].

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