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Together with designer Trent JansenTait has crafted a collection of outdoors furniture that conjures up the nostalgia of Australian summer living in the 70s. In conceiving this collection Jansen explored the myths and memories of summer and surf, rediscovering his love of the ocean and curiosity for Australia’s die-hard surf culture.Hours spent down at his local surf shop, sharing coffees with mates, and trading jokes with Harry the local surf shop owner, helped peel back the myths surrounding the legendary Aussie surfer.

A passionate researcher, Jansenapplied a scientific eye to Australia’s surf culture, studying the secrets of wave formations. He admires the beautiful linear diagrams that illustrate the different stages of waves as they gather force, roll, crest and fall in a sudsy froth of sand and surf. The TIDAL chairs capture that curling, rounded flow of rolling waves. Jansen also applies a stylised edginess – straight lines and tight radii – to the chair’s juicy curves.

Stainless steel wire in a powdercoated finish speaks to the linear language of those wave diagrams. A seamless fluidity emerges as the doubled-up legs rise,and then diverge, circling up around the back of the chair before coming back down again. In a poetic twist, Jansen captures the swell of flowing water in a series of tidal marks that ripple up the seat base before breaking up and around the side of the chair. Emulating the long, smooth pull of the building wave is the TIDAL sunlounge. Like a cool drink of water, the sunlounge is all laidback calm, a long, leisurely lead-up to what is sure to end as a dip in the drink.

The collection speaks to our modern Australia lifestyle. Its stylish lines and stainless steel wire construction allows it to seamlessly work into the vernacular of both indoors and outdoors environments.

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