Categories: Outdoor Furniture.
Suppliers: Schots Home Emporium.

The latest collection of polished concrete furniture and outdoor accessories from Schots Home Emporium is built from lightweight concrete and jute making the pieces manageable. They inject a modern, industrial dimension to outdoors entertaining areas and garden rooms; and can be used both indoors and outdoors. With concrete furniture, no two pours are the same; and the beautiful and robust look of polished concrete will last for many years.

With over 100 pieces to choose from, concrete is an emerging trend in the home space. It provides an effortless style both indoors and out; can be styled into a softer environment;or act as a striking statement. From planters to dining settings, concrete is versatile and hard-wearing. It is an ideal method to update any space; and provides for setting a neutral colour palette from which to work.

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