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All tools of the Fiskars Quantum™ garden tools range are made in Finland, combining their Nordic design and expertise of functionality with superior comfort. The bodies are made from quality forged aluminium – making them light; and the blades from precision-ground, hardened TruEdge™ steel blade technology, with an anti-friction coating – making them stronger and more durable. But a new feature of the Fiskars Quantum range is the TruGrip™ cork handle technology. The cork handles are aesthetically pleasing; eco-friendly and comfortable; progressively getting softer and becoming more comfortable with every use.

The range comprises three tools:

  • Quantum Bypass Pruner P100 [$69.99]. The blade adjustment mechanism enables you to alter the cutting diameter, making it handy for quick snipping and for regular pruning.
  • Quantum Hedge Shear HS102 [$99.99].Ideal for hedge-trimming due to its lightness and strength. The PowerGear™ mechanism makes cutting three and a half times easier than generic hedge shears.
  • Quantum Lopper Bypass L108 [$119.99]. This heavy-duty lopper will make the largest and hardest-to-reach branches in your garden light work. The lopper also features the PowerGear™ mechanism that makes it easier than standard lopper mechanisms.

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