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Suppliers: Beaumont Tiles.

Wall tiles come in a range of structures and dimensions, many offering formations that are tactile and give a gutsy personal look that’s anything but sterile. Beaumont Tiles recognises that some home-renovators want to create an art gallery feel at home to distinguish themselves; and to create that special point-of-interest for their guests. Accordingly, Beaumont Tiles have recently included two special tile ranges in 2016 that can assist home-renovators express themselves on the walls of their homes to create a style that comes from within.

BOWL is a tile range that is organic, rounded and almost Cezanne like. Some facts about Bowl: six colours – romantic rose, blue, light blue, grey, light grey, white; ceramic body wall tile with a matte finish; structured for infinite combinations; 120 x 120mm with rounded edge; made in Spain; priced from $149.95/m2.

SHAPE is a tile that follows the more box and cubist look. Some facts about Shape: trending structure and shapes; square format for wall 250 x 250mm; matte finish; four colours – white, black, smoke and silver; geometric structures.

Both the Bowl range and Shape range are highly versatile in the way they can be laid to capture light and shade; or to create a transition to carry the eye.

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