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An ultra-efficient display home on Victoria’s Bass Coast has set a new benchmark in affordable living, costing only $500 a year to run or 15% of the power and water bills needed to run an average Victorian home. The double-story, four-bedroom house – the first of 220 homes at The Cape, an energy-efficient housing development – has undergone cost-of-living analysis by the Alternative Technology Association. The results show a genuinely bill-busting home, with good design, efficient appliances and solar energy making the house 85% cheaper to run than the average Victorian home.

The Cape Paterson display home, built for $390,000, creates more energy than it uses; is rated 8.2 stars for its energy efficiency; fitted with 7-star heating and cooling systems; and employs passive solar design, LED lighting and solar energy. The home is designed to operate without the use of gas, and will maintain a comfortable temperature range in all weather conditions with minimal heating and cooling required.

The $100 million Cape development in South Gippsland, one hour’s drive from south eastern Melbourne, has been recognised in the design category of the Premier’s Sustainability Awards in 2012. The people behind The Cape are local Bass Coast builders, Small Giants – the company responsible for the successful Commons building in Brunswick, one of the most sustainable residential developments in Australia – and project director Brendan Condon, whose vision has been to prove that sustainable housing can be affordable.

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