Categories: Gardening / Landscaping and Power tools.
Suppliers: Echo Garden Tools.

To best maintain your backyard and garden you need a brush cutter, a hedge trimmer, and the list goes on… which sometimes takes up a lot of shed-space. The ECHO PAS265ES Split Boom Multi Tool is an all-in-one solution for yard maintenance, with nine heavy-duty attachments. The Boom is equipped with ECHO’s Easy Start system, which allows effortless engine starting every time; while a digitally controlled Capacitor Discharge Ignition system enables operation in any weather. An easy to use, quick-change coupler makes changing attachments straightforward; and the robust drive shaft guarantees that your Boom will live a long, productive life. The nine attachment/tools comprise: Brushcutter; Line Trimmer; Hedge Trimmer; Articulated Hedge Trimmer; Edger; Power Pruner; Pro Paddle; Pro Sweep; and Tiller. The Boom Multi Tool comes with a 5 year domestic warranty and a 2 year commercial warranty; and is priced at $579.

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