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By circulating warmed air around a room a fan heater is one of the most affordable types of heater. The heating unit heats up quickly and requires minimal electricity to run. The Vornado TVH500 Vortex Heat fan heater moves the air in a room in a continuous motion, enlivening the room without drying out the air. This whisper-quiet, sleek and compact design is perfect for small spaces, allowing you to move it from room to room as needed to enjoy customised heating anywhere in the home. You can set the inbuilt timer for a pre-determined period of time; or it will automatically turn off once the desired temperature is reached. Alternatively you can operate it via the remote control. Other features include: cool-to-touch metal casing; tip-over protection; and auto shut off if the airflow becomes obstructed.

The fan-only mode lets you use the fan setting without the heater on. That means you can heat your home in winter; and cool your home in summer with one convenient unit. A fan heater allows you to reduce the central thermostat of your home in winter; and prevent your air conditioning from overworking in the summer.

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