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Corridors can now receive a truly special treatment thanks to BLOKWERK, the latest Axminster carpet collection from Brintons. Engineered specifically for corridors and designed in collaboration with graphic artist Oren Sherman, BLOKWERK features the high-quality Axminster weave synonymous with the Brintons brand. Contemporary interiors are welcoming more unified flooring concepts for corridors. BLOKWERK not only reduces waste by providing a flexible design, its simplified elements and static textural layers can be cut and reassembled in a variety of combinations without compromising visual integrity.

The BLOKWERK design is inspired by the abstract, pared-down aesthetic of the De Stijl art movement. Oren Sherman brings a restrained simplicity to the collection, which is constructed with harmonious textures and contemporary colour palettes. The carpet is also engineered to offer myriad ways to manage scale and proportion. It can turn corners; extend perspectives; and balance colour and shape; all the while creating a continuous, unified flooring solution specifically for corridors.

These designs have been engineered with long repeats that allow designers to chart inventive pathways through corridors and transform often overlooked spaces into attractive opportunities.

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