Categories: Lighting & Electrical.
Suppliers: Ben Tovim Design.

The latest lighting series by Ben-Tovim Design, Melbourne, is a playful mix of simple forms and elemental materials. Perf features a soft hand blown opal glass ball sitting below a perforated metal shield that both secures the glass orb and partly conceals the inner workings of the light-fitting. The result is a fixture that is reduced to its simplest elements, but remains light and decorative. The Perf Pendant comes in 3 sizes with 3 standard finishes: brass; matte black; and pale grey. It also comes in a double globe formation. All pendants utilise low energy LED bulbs. Priced at:

  • Black or Grey. Small $550; Medium $595; Large $685; Double $950.
  • Brass. Small $740; Medium $780; Large $880; Double $1,220.

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