Categories: General Building, Other Materials, and Painting & Decorating.
Suppliers: CSR Gyprock.

CSR Gyprock has developed Ultra-Base 60, a premium base coat formulation that delivers both superior strength and advanced mould resistance. Used for the first and second coats in a three-coat plasterboard jointing system, the ultra-low shrinkage composition of Ultra-Base 60, combined with its superior tape adhesion and joint strength, to complete the job. Supplied in a 16kg bag, it can achieve the same level of coverage as a 20kg bag of regular Gyprock Base Coat. The premium lightweight formulation is also a setting compound, not an evaporative drying formula, allowing both coats of the jointing process to be finished in a single day. With a powerful but gentle anti-fungal agent throughout the mix, mould-resistance is provided for the whole joint. Ultra-Base 60 is available in dry powder format, through the Gyprock Trade network, specialist Gyprock distributors, and Bunnings Warehouse nationally.

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