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To provide greater flexibility, especially when cooking on a large scale, Miele Australia recently introduced their KM 6381 Induction Cooktop [$4399] featuring four PowerFlex zones arranged in a row. This “panoramic” design allows pots and pans to sit side-by-side in easy view, making it most convenient to access the deepest of pots or cook in the broadest of pans. It has elegantly bevelled glass edges, featured in preference to the more traditional stainless steel frame.

Like other Miele PowerFlex models, the technology of the KM 6381 gives uniform transfer of heat to the base of pots and pans as the arrangement of induction coils below the ceramic glass surface is virtually gap-free. This allows the steady transfer of energy to the food creating the ideal conditions for perfect cooking results. Other Miele features such as DirectSelection Plus sensor controls with integrated timers and Stop&Go function, as well as the powerful TwinBoost function, are also included.

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