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Miele Australia now offers a selection of powerful rangehoods with external fan motors to achieve greatly reduced noise levels during operation. While this is the first time Miele has introduced this concept in Australia, the separation of the motor from the rangehood, with its installation away from the kitchen, has been part of Miele’s product range in Europe for a number of years. There are two slimline (DA 3466 EXT and DA 3496 EXT) and two built-in (DA 2270 EXT and DA 2690 EXT) Miele rangehoods available for use with three different styles of external fan motors, resulting in 12 options. Combination packages of rangehood with the selected external fan motor are priced from $2,298.

Motor option AWG 102 is designed for vertical installation on an external wall. A curved, high quality stainless steel casing directs the extracted air in a downward direction and provides the high performance motor with effective protection from the elements.
Motor option DDG 102 has been designed for installation on angled tiled roofs. In addition to its decorative high quality stainless steel casing, it is supplied complete with the appropriate roof flashing. This makes it ideal for freestanding homes.

Motor option ABLG 202is designed not to be seen externally. It is the ideal choice where design criteria or building regulations may require the external fan motor not to be visible from outside the home. This unit can be installed in the roof space, a butler’s pantry, or in the garage.

In situations where sound emissions to the open atmosphere may be of particular concern, Miele offers optional DASD 150 silencers, which can be installed in any suitable ducting of 150 mm diameter.

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