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Suppliers: The Fire Company.

EcoSmart Fire [The Fire Company] recently released a range of new standalone outdoors fires. These fires provide many benefits such as warmth and captivating illumination; plus the ability to define spaces. They add a simple but stylish design element to any outdoors room or garden, creating a focal point and enhancing the ambience.

Wharf. The all-weather, earthy design of this rectangular model blends fire and stone. Wharf incorporates the XL900 Burner – the longest of EcoSmart Fire’s burners, which ensures a mesmerizing, stretched flame.

Base. A multi-function table that combines coffee table with fire pit. This sleek model is designed to fit in seamlessly with a variety of décors. A 304-grade stainless steel burner sits in the polished composite concrete surround; while Lava Rock can be added to enhance the aesthetics. Fitted with EcoSmart’s AB8 burner, Base is fuelled by clean burning e-NRG bioethanol to provide up to 11 hours of warmth, ambience, along with a mesmerising flame.

Ayre. A streamlined, cylindrical fire pit that complements many décors. Comes in two hues – graphite and natural. Its slimmer base, which holds the round burner, can be adorned with pebbles or larger stones to make a distinctive statement.

Step Fire Pit. This slender “chat-height” fire has been created for smaller areas, whether nestling between a couple of lounge chairs; enhancing a home’s entrance; or on its own as a magnet to gather around. The design makes it appear as if one layer is emerging from the other, complemented by the toughened glass surround from which the flame appears. Paired with the round AB8 Burner, it offers an alternative for urban dwellers. It comes in either graphite or neutral tones.

Glow. Glow brings contemporary flair to outdoor areas. It combines soft curves coupled with industrial materials to create a modern centrepiece for outdoors entertaining. The stainless steel base supports a cylindrical glass surround, with the AB8 Round Burner delivering up to 11 hours of burning time. It’s perfect for illuminating an outdoors event. It’s also portable, which means it can be installed virtually anywhere.

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