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This family home located in Ardross, WA, incorporated eco-friendly Bondor Insulation products in order to help reduce Australia’s carbon footprint in residential buildings, which currently account for 10% of Australia’s total carbon emissions. Incorporating Bondor products to create this well-insulated home significantly contributed to the home’s energy rating. The space-efficient family home combines Bondor’s Equitilt® wall panelling and SolarSpan® roof sheeting, both of which demonstrate high thermal performance that exceeds the Building Code of Australia’s current six-star thermal efficiency requirement.

When constructing or renovating homes, a well-insulated roof can save an average 45% on heating and cooling; and a further 20% can be saved with wall insulation. Bondor’s Equitilt® wall panelling is a lightweight material that combines prefinished COLORBOND® steel with high performing installation. This facilitated a smoother workflow, which allowed for fast-tracked construction time of this home. The two-storey 217m2 home features excellent access to natural light, open-planned living, dining and kitchen areas, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and two activity zones.

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