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Kohler’s Veil smart-toilet [$4499] takes hygiene and comfort to a new level in terms of luxury and personalised convenience. The Veil is a self-cleaning wall-hung toilet with advanced bidet features controlled by a one-touch remote control. The design deserves special mention as its balanced curves and sculpted form inject a sense of beauty into the utilitarian toilet or bathroom space. The French curve heated seat, with its gently dished shape, minimises pressure points for comfort while its antibacterial material enhances hygiene levels.

The remote control offers a suite of customised features to optimise hygiene and personal comfort including: a choice of soft, pulsating or spiral wash with instant air-infused warm water; choice of water temperature; warm air dryer with adjustable temperature control; and seat temperature adjustment. The Veil’s stainless steel spray wand automatically cleans itself with sterilised water after each use; and it automatically sanitises itself with UV-light every 24 hours. Its powerful, twin jet flushing system, together with its rimless bowl, ensures a cleaner flush and an all-round higher standard of hygiene within the toilet.

Further testament to the rich list of features is the automatic seat cover – sensor-activated with three adjustable distance settings to automatically open and close the lid – and the blue LED nightlight on the face plate of the toilet. The Veil has half- and full-flush options with a 4-star WELS rating using 3.3-litres for the average-flush.

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